Makers of upcycled tyre inner tube bags for eco-ethical lifestyle.
Makers of upcycled tyre inner tube bags for eco-ethical lifestyle.




There are natural properties of the inner tube material which are important for you to know.

    • Inner tube rubber is a thermal material. Condensation may appear briefly as you shift from prolonged humid outdoors to air-conditioned indoor environment. Sweat will also cause to wet the rubber surface. Being a waterproof material, it won't absorb moist. This dumpy surface mixed with the accumulated dirt and grime resulting from period of use may appear as stain in your hand or clothing. It's just dirt. Follow cleaning and maintenance instructions in the hangtags. In time this maintenance will be less needed.
    • Some inner tubes may have a noticeable rubber odor. This is normal and will disappear shortly after constant use. If you notice this condition in your SIKLO product, store it in a well-ventilated space. Although natural, this rubbery odor is temporary.
    • DO NOT use any synthetic hazardous cleaning agent or chemicals. The materials on SIKLO products are already processed and treated. Use dry brush or clean rug to wipe off dirt and dust. For stubborn dirt and grime, just rub surface with damp cloth or you may add a little dishwashing soup. Although washable, no need to laundry the entire product. If for sanitary or other reasons you need to do so, SIKLO products are washable, however, you may compromise the waterproofing in the fabric lining. Make sure to hang-dry it upside down to flush out excess water trap in the tube.
    • Even if the tyre inner tube material seems really tough and indestructible, nothing can escape, even our ONLY planet, the neglectful and destructive human attitude. Tap to your nurturing qualities in caring your SIKLO product. It will serve you well in return. That is our guarantee.



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